Postable : what is it?

No suprise here, entrepreneurs generally hate to do their own accounting. Try to embark technology and the time/money investment will seem foolish for such a conservative process. Postable’s mission is to simplify the obligation to keep the books up to date and integrate new tech into that process with respect of the entrepreneurs’ capacity. Unlike classic accounting firms, Postable takes advantage of automation in order to provide a PaaS (Process as a Service).

Our short story

Realizing the staticity of accounting services while working in a “tech” accounting firm, a tax clinic has been created: Postable Accountant. The idea was simple: do taxes, paperless.

Today, thanks to automation the idea took over many accounting processes. This is what triggered the creation of Postable.

From Montreal to Toronto, Postable is now a 10+ firm focusing on making accounting easy for both entrepreneurs and even accountants in Canada.

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